We did promise you that we will discuss other online games as well right? Here you go, enjoy following the new guide of the SSF 2 game. Funny how both games begin with word SUPER right? Well that’s because both games are just amazing and mind-blowing, they are the best fighting games actually and we (three gamers) are sure that you will love it =)

Super Smash Flash2 is a sequel of the popular series of Flash games developed by the Super Smash Flash 2 developer group. Unblocked SSF2 is loosely based on Super Smash bros. series featuring many memorable characters such as Goku, Mario, Kirby, Naruto, Ichigo, mega man and many more.

The gameplay of SSF2 is very similar to its official Super Smash Bros game. Unlike most of the traditional fighting games, the health of character is measured by a damage percentage. The percent value increases as the character are attacked. The character gets knocked off, when it reaches the highest damage percent.

The game has two different modes, stock mode and time mode, matches can also be played by a combination of two modes. In stock mode, each player gets a chosen amount of lives, every time they are knocked out they lose their life. In time mode, each player is awarded a point when they knock out their opponent and lose a point if they are knocked out or self-destructed. At the end of the time limit, the player with most points wins.


The control is different from it’s an older version. The A, D, S and W keys are assigned to player 1 movement, while the arrow keys are assigned to the second player. The P key is used for standard attacks, I key for the shield, O key for special moves and 1 key for taunting. Player 2 uses 1 key on Numpad for special moves, 2 key on Numpad for a standard attack, 3 key on Numpad for a shield, and 4 key for taunt. A player can also customize their game control in the menu.

The characters are the fighters representing the universe in which they belong. Each character has numerous standard attacks, special attacks and unique special moves called ‘Final Smash’. There are two types of characters, starter character, which can be used from the beginning, and unlockable character, which can be accessed only after being unlocked.

There is also an optional expansion character that is not bundled with the game and needs to be downloaded. There is a total of 33 characters that appear as playable characters. When turning on the game for the first time the available starter characters are Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Wario, etc.

There are different stages and the platform’s where the battle takes place. Some stages consist of hazards to add complexity and uniqueness. The basic stage starts with Battlefield, followed by Bomb factory, Bowser Castle, Night zone, Castle siege, Central highway, Chaos shrine, etc.

SSF 2 on your device:
So are you excited? There is a trick that allows you to play this amazing fighting game on your phone. Check following links below in order to learn how to do it =)

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