Who are you, people?  We are boring otaku gamers, we don’t have real-life and we spend all of our free time online 🙂
 This blog is about what?  It’s about SuperFighters duh and apart from this, it is an online platform for hardcore gamers to hang out together.
 Is this game cool?  Well, we don’t share trash, if we are talking about this game it means that it is decent and awesome.
 What kind of platform is this?  An online platform where people chat, where they share their experience and where they can find new friends.
 Did I get banned, why?  Most likely your neglected our rules, do you know that we have rules on our blog? Read them, please!
 How to get better at games?  Hard work and good advice from decent gamers like us 😀 Never give up and keep trying mate, you can do it.
 Do you have other blogs?  We have so many blogs that some of them are already forgotten on the world wide web.
 Any chances to make the offline meetup?  We are too shy for offline meetings, I think online meeting is better, we can hang out in VR chat if you want to =)