We are hardcore gamers just like you, oh, but wait first who are we? and how many of us are here? We are hardcore gamers, I already said that LOL and there are three people in our team. All three of us are pretty much otakus, we usually play online games all day long and watch different anime shows.

Our main objective is to find online gaming friends, in order to do it we have decided to build various online gaming websites and this is one of them. There is one guy in our team who is pretty good at web development and he is doing nearly all of the hard work. Other of us are doing their best to help our main objective (which is collecting gamer friends), we write articles, share some gaming memes, record video guides, etc.

We hope to add you guys in steam and enjoy different games there, hope you will appreciate our hard work and our attitude, we are friendly people and we don’t yell in microphone LOL

With that being said now you know what this blog is all about, you know who we are and you know why we are here, contact us and let’s be friends =)